Calcelect the Electrical Power Balance calculation application


CALCELECT is a tool for calculating the electrical power balance, whatever the LV service voltage.

Carrying out your electrical power assessment has never been easier

Important: operation tested only with Excel version 2019,2016,2013,2010 may not work with other versions
please try the trial version before buying, thank you


Calcelect is a tool for calculating the electrical power balance, carried out with Excel macros, developed by LOKELECT ENGINEERING

with which you calculate for each circuit as well as for an array or the source:

  • Apparent power
  • Active power
  • Reactive power
  • Current
  • Power factor

Taking into account:

  • The characteristics of the receivers.
  • The utilization factor.
  • The extension coefficient.
  • The demand factor (diversity), automatically calculated for the switchboard and for the electrical outlets.

The electrical power balance is updated in real time with any change in the project.

phase balancing is performed automatically, but the user will be able to modify it manually.

It also offers you the possibility of reactive energy compensation.

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